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Anybody who believes that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach flunked geography.

~Robert Byrne

Seafood in Singapore

Singaporeans are very fond of the wide variety of seafood. One of the famous seafood is the all time favourite, Chili crab. It is made with, of course, crabs and cooked in thick gravy with a tomato chili base. It is a sure found at seafood restaurants in Singapore.

Other seafood cuisine are like black pepper crab, Drunken Prawns, lobster, ...

There are ample of seafood restaurants in Singapore. Here are some of the famous seafood resturants for your pick.

Jumbo Seafood

The Singapore home grown seafood restaurant group which was established in 1987. Its first restaurant is located in the popular East Coast Seafood Centre.

Tung Lok Seafood

Tung Lok Group owns and manages over 20 restaurants in Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, China and India.

Red House Seafood Restaurant

Established since 1976, Red House is one of the first restaurants at the East Coast Seafood Centre. Their specialty include the Steamed Scottish Razor Clams and Sri Lankan King Crabs in Chef's Special Blend of Spicy Black Pepper.

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

Its extensive range of fresh seafood dishes such as the air-flown Alaskan crab are served all year round, Australian Lobster and Canadian oysters continue to entice locals, expatriates and tourists.

Quayside Seafood

Quayside Seafood is found in the heart of one of Singapore's hottest dining and entertainment area, Clarke Quay. Quayside Seafood has a a stunning river view where you can literally dip your hands into the water! Serving Singapore's classic all-time favourites Chilli/Black pepper crabs using only 'live' juicy and succulent Sri Lankan crabs.

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant

Started their first stall at the Mattar Rd Hawker Centre without a signboard. Mdm Ong concocted the recipe for the white pepper crab and sales started with only about 3 crabs a day. The trademark dish now is of the white pepper crab. The restaurant serves chilli crab as well, but not black pepper crab. You will enjoy the white pepper version once you get to taste sweetness of the crab. Cereal prawns is another famous dish of No Signboard Seafood.